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Christian Holy Land Testimonials

Our trip to Israel could not have been better. Thank you so much for working with us in planning the custom trip for Escondido Christian Center.  

As I was getting out of the tram at Masada, I met some old FourSquare friends who said they had run into you the night before in a restaurant. What a small world!  

As you know I have been to Israel seven times now,  and this was the very best trip ever.   The hotels were very good, our guide, Gil Daleski, was terrific and the bus driver, Ohad, was the best.  Both of them went far beyond the call of duty. 

In short, you and your company, Christian Holy Land Tours, took excellent care of us.   There were no surprises – just real good times.  Also, I want to thank you for the nice things you did for me, personally. It was a real special time with my two sisters, nieces, granddaughter, son and his wife. As always, I felt as if I had come home. I can’t explain it, Israel is my spiritual home just as it was the home of our Lord. 

I just love Israel and I often pray for the peace of Jerusalem. I should be a very prosperous woman!

We had some world travelers among us and they couldn’t believe how smoothly the tour went. They said it was far better run than any other tour they’ve ever been on.

I’ll miss chatting with you, Shaya. God keep you close.  

Mary Phillips
Escondido Christian Center-A Foursquare Church
Escondido, California

Ever since I was a kid in Sunday School and read about the Matriarchs and the Patriarchs, I dreamed of visiting the Holy Land. Last month my dreams came true when I joined my Baptist Church on the trip of a lifetime led by our inspiring pastor. Walking where Jesus walked, where the prophets prophesized, and where the apostles lived, was thrilling beyond words.    


We were also fortunate to have the most knowledgeable tour guide Moshe David, who filled us in on everything of importance on the trip, along with our pastor. They made a great team.   

For me the highlights of our pilgrimage was Baptism in the Jordan River, just like John the Baptist did, and hearing the Sermon on the Mount at the Mt. of Beatitudes.  Standing there I could just imagine how our Lord Jesus first proclaimed it to his disciples in Biblical times, and a big chill went down my back. I was changed forever!

Christian HolyLand Tours is to be commended for organizing such an outstanding tour-perfect in every way.

Dorothy Spellman
Denver, CO

It is now a little over a month since Bill Simon and I took our church group to Israel, where we had a wonderful tour. I have neglected to write and thank you for assisting us in creating such an excellent trip. We appreciate all of the special attractions you added and how you customized it to meet our pastor’s wishes. The guide, Aaron Yahav,  was excellent, even if at times he was a bit too punctual. His knowledge of Israel, its history, culture and people were excellent. He managed to keep all of us interested and excited-even those like myself, who had been to Israel before. The accommodations at each Dan hotel were excellent as were those at the Kibbutz. Thanks for a wonderful and spiritual trip,

Louise K. Rose
Orlando FL

TouristsWe just had to tell you about our experience about the CHT tour recently completed.  From start to finish, it was first class! A note about the hotels.   From Dan Panorama Tel Aviv to Jerusalem to Eilat, we could not have had any better accommodations. The staff were very helpful in all locations.  Kibbutz Lavi provided us with great accommodations overlooking the Sea of Galilee from on high-so inspiring for any believing Christian..  

Our tour guide, Israel Garfinkle, led us on a very active tour, usually starting early in the morning and not returning until early evening. He was very interesting, extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of Christianity and informative. The best thing we can say about him was that he truly is a gentleman and a scholar We were able to travel the length and breath of Israel, and felt that he was able to share with us information that could not be accessed through books. He shared with us a lifetime of experience of living in Israel where he helped make part of Israel’s unbelievable 20th century history. We want to thank you for setting up a truly enjoyable tour, and we will certainly share our experiences and CHT with our friends and acquaintances.

Norm and Leona Freed
Houston TX

Shalom: We just want you to know that our trip to the Holy Land recently (our first, but definitely not our last) was the most incredible, memorable experience. Our guide, Moshe Chagigi was extremely knowledgeable and passionate about Israel and made this trip one that we will always treasure. The accommodations were excellent, especially the beautiful Inbal Hotel in the heart of Jerusalem.

We are definitely looking forward to our next…
Lisa  and Jim Fox,
Carlsbad CA

I just got back from my trip to Israel yesterday. Everything was far better than wonderful. All the arrangements CHT made were spectacular. The hotels were top-notch, the breakfasts and dinners delicious. The rides to and from the airport were right on time, the tour guide was kind, patient, and professional (Aaron Yahav).  The bus was a Mercedes, and the whole trip was totally stress and worry free.

I had been dreaming of a trip to the Promised Land for years. The highlight for me was seeing the Garden Tomb Experiencing the empty tomb has left a profound impression on me and has changed me forever.   

I’m so glad I went through Christian Holy Land Tours.  The trip was all that I could have wanted and more.  May God bless you and keep you at this sacred work of sending more pilgrims to Israel to walk in the footsteps of our Lord.

Francis (Gray) Border
So. Orange, NJ

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