Discover Israel – The Holy Land Massada in Israel

In spite of hundreds of other exotic vacation spots around the world, people have continued to flock to Israel for so many years that it is often called the oldest tourist destination on earth.  Millions of Christians come every year from Europe and North America, from South America, Africa, and Japan too. 

In Israel you can experience the Mediterranean, the desert, mountains, green valleys, lakes, rivers and cities and towns.  You can enjoy unique destinations like the Dead Sea and the Old City of Jerusalem.  You’ll also find the very best in dining, comfortable accommodations, superb shopping, enjoyable entertainment and beautiful cultural events. 

While Israel certainly has its share of historical, cultural and entertainment attractions, Christian tourists returning from the Holy Land invariably single out their spiritual transformation as the most memorable and important aspect of their journey.   Tel Aviv in Israel

Truly, Israel is the only nation in the world that is the very cradle of the Jewish and Christian faiths.  Christians in particular can discover the land of the Bible.  They can personally walk the ground that Jesus tread upon during his earthly ministry. 

You will retrace the life of Jesus as you visit Bethlehem, tour Nazareth, Capernaum and Jerusalem.  Stand at the shores of the Sea of Galilee, worship and pray in the room where the last supper was held, stand in awe at the Mt. of Olives, the Garden of Gethsemane, and the Garden Tomb, as you feel Jesus’ presence in these holy sites. 

Thousands of churches from around the whole world are led on pilgrimages each year by their pastors. A trip to Israel is far more than just a vacation.  It will revolutionize your own life as you come to know the Land of the Bible as much more than the place where the stories you learned in Sunday School took place. church in Israel

Visiting Israel will most likely change your life, as you gain a deeper appreciation for the Word of God and a greater understanding of Biblical truth. Most people have found that experiencing Israel is a transformational experience.   

CHRISTIAN HOLYLAND TOURS, with its vast experience and highly professional staff, will make your tour memorable and carefree.  We guarantee you an unrivaled  spiritual adventure.

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