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Catholic Tours

8 Day Tour

Visit the tomb of King David and the room of the Last Supper on Mt. Zion. Upon entering the walled city, you’ll walk through the newly restored Jewish Quarter and visit the Roman Cardo, the Herodian Quarter and continue to the Western Wall. Your walk continues along the Via Dolorosa to the church of the Holy Sepulchre, after which you’ll proceed to Mount Scopus and then to the Mount of Olives for a magnificent panoramic view of the Old City. Next you’ll continue to Bethlehem*, stopping at Rachel’s Tomb and a visit to the Church of the Nativity. The day ends back in your hotel in Jerusalem.

10 Day Catholic Tour

Drive North to Caesarea Maritima. Visit the Roman Theater, the Herod’s Palace, the Palace of the Roman Procurator (Apostles 23: 23 and Apostles 26: 23 – Paul; Apostles 10: 20-48 – Peter and Cornelius), the Amphitheater, the Crusaders’ City and Harbor. Proceed to Mount Carmel to visit the Monastery of the Muhraka, where Elijah fought with the Baal priests. From the roofs of this Monastery, we have a beautiful view of the Jezreel Plain. Through the Druze villages, Daliyat el Carmel and Usifiya, we proceed to Haifa with a panoramic view of the city and harbor. Continue to the Church of Stella Maris (a Carmelite Monastery) with the cave of the Prophet Elijah. Proceed to Acre to visit the old city with the city walls, the Knights’ Halls and the Harbor.

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